Gerard Butler

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The most crucial point (ghost and Christine)

Veto since here it is, and to use the trap will know,
Be not surprised, if looking for has come here
A secret yearning that nobody, nobody doesn't know.
They have united, my anxiety with yours yes,
And your obedient mind succumbs to me,
And until your immense defense it succumbs to me.
How the more ones surrender to me, there is not election. You know it, you know it.
It passes the most crucial point. There won't be return.
The time of faking also passed,
When arriving until the end, don't resist
Don't think, you will play your dreams, they come,
That fire will have in your heart, and that I want and devotion
That it forces it contains the passion.
It passes the most crucial point, the door of gold.
That it is hiding the fruit of the paradise.
And being discovered to the one who.
Be not surprised, if the tremor forced me to remain silent.
If it is the test that you wait the I wait before, before.
I have felt which the wave that moves the sea
In my mind I have seen our bodies,
Quiet and together with fire in the air
You are already with me you, and the attraction is so big, so big.
Step the most crucial point, is no longer return
The time of feeling finally arrived,
The no longer exists well neither the bad
The world is our!
Now and for always you and me,
When this flower will be able to grow,
The blood cannot still burn,
There won't be pleasure that consummates us.
It passed the most crucial point, there is no longer return.
There is not returned behind, there is not death. It is not real.
After the most crucial point.
Tell me that you will share my life,
Tell me that you liberate me of this cross.
Tell me that you love me, and I will be with you.
Allow me to learn how to see the light.
Christine so alone makes it…!
- Has it taken it to him to where?
- he/she comes with me monsieur, I will drive him until him.
But remember, maintain the hands very behind.
- I go with you.
- Non Meg, nr. should stay here. He/she comes with me monsieur.
Make what I tell him.
- Not!

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Gerard Butler
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