Bon Jovi

Letra de la canción

You're my missing picture on my mirror
I'm running away from home
Sam I'm just a man a rusty bucket of flesh and bones
Someday I'll seek forgiveness for the sweet smell of her breath
She touched my hand and asked for a check I put out my cigarette

Temptation, go home Lord
I'm walking straight into the ocean
Tell the tide I'm on my way
Gonna hang my head down tonight on Damocles sword

When the angels hung out in Eden
They caught Adam chasing Eve
They said grab your boots, your coat, your hat, my boy, it's time that you leave
She asked me if I liked to play 'cause she knew that I was broke
I cashed my chips out months ago
This smile is just mirrors and smoke


Twist my wrist
Tell me I should resist
But the flesh is weak
Here comes the kiss

Come on, twist my wrist
Can't go on like this
Ah the flesh, it's weak
Here is comes, here it comes

[Chorus: x2]

I'm gonna lay my head down tonight on Damocles sword
And hang my head down tonight on Damocles sword
fuente: musica.com

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Bon Jovi
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