Like a storm in your head
Rose the vision of a man
Far away long ago
We are crossways under sands
And the robe like a crow
Flies on shadows through the night
Gemination of his blood
Finds a way into the light
Show me your face - somewhere
Say who you are - beware
Tell me your name - i hear you
And shine down your light anywhere

Where is the man
Kind of a stranger
A dual experiment
Where - where is the man
Under this "rosary cirus"
You cover the "eden" with hands

All the lines in your hand
From the burdons of your prayers
Saw the murder on the face
Of the paperfront today
His grand illusion was a charade
You'd better not believe in him

Out of your salt - was made
Deep in your blood - i wait
I am a part of you
And i need to inhale all your fears

Where is the man
I am savior
Over the land
Where - where is the man
Under this "rosary cirus"
You cover the "eden" with hands

And the ransom of paradise
Is the oldest dreams
Can the feathered associate lie to all the souls
How can we try to escape
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Vanden Plas

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