Letra de la canción

Silence - after the battle all is still
Slaughter - yet another mission is fulfilled
Now we begin our journey to out home
Crossing the oceans with sails set abroad

Dragonship they carry us
From coast to coast
Where have we been, what have we done
What have we won?

As our struggle for this time is over
Know that we must depart soon again

Dragonship they carry us
They take us home
Where have we been, so far away?
A price we must pay

See the shores of our land
At last we're home
Beloved ones greet us now
We hold them close in our arms

Our homecoming brings ease to your hearts
But for the fallen we must pray

Behold the horizons, the seagulls are calling
The harbour of our home is now in sight

Embrace me now, and hold me close
Look into my eyes and say
That you will always remain
Here by the shores of our home

Close to the morning we set sail again
Tears in the eyes of the ones we hold dear

Dragonship they carry us
They take us home
Where will we go, so far away?
A price we must pay

A silent hymn for you, for my love
As you depart from me
Oh, this is goodbye, but I'll be here
On the shores of our land

Letra añadida por: Julievp

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