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A beautiful woman watches - Letra

Drake Bell

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A beautiful woman watches, can be just
as a full beautiful sky of blue sparkles
and a strong storm with blue clouds
and shining falls with humidity that hermosura, like the girl
who biene walking I that for tha
t reason hope can aver,
I that you accustom you can be down and you accustom
upper dear single boy is a hope you can above have left
if your you speak to him well to that pretty woman,
just as an angel of the

full sky of white circles, hope rays
, because the life is just as the right hope you accustom
enel sky if sights to that girl can be full
of white and blue circles, that means that the storm
soon finished this it is the aim.

accustom is necessary to reason the one that
you accustom you lie down down and you accustom
you are left that above does not mean that your aim
to that girl I finish that

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