The Real Thing carry On Dreaming

Balance Of Power

Letra de la canción

All or nothing seems to be, becoming painfully clear,
all of a sudden it came to me,
the bitter taste won't disappear,
[bridge 1]
your the last and the only,
and your down for the last time,
can you take it?
cold hard facts make you tired and lonely,
close your eyes and your heart beats slowly,
if the real thing hurts you better carry on dreaming,
there's nothing wrong with your own sweet song believe me,
if the real thing hurts you better carry on dreaming,
it won't take long 'til the real thing comes again,
Sorry seems the hardest word after all is said and done,
imagine all you overheard could be erased forever gone,
[bridge 2]
will you ever find heaven?
will it all turn around?
can you make it?
One day soon just as sure as you're breathing,
i'll see you with your heart bleeding,
"its better to have loved and lost,
than never to have loved at all,
it's better to die from love,
than to have lived your life for gain"


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