Let Me Feel The Love - DJ Bobo

Let Me Feel The Love

DJ Bobo

Letra, canción


'Let Me Feel The Love'

A brand new day, a brand new show
Ready for sound check, here we go
We're in a hurry there's no time
I check the mike, che-que-di-check the rhyme
A journalist of a magazine
Hey bobo tell me what's your dream
Do you wanna be famous, do you wanna be rich
What you gonna do, when someone queers your pitch
Light goes off, no more waitin'
Fans are screamin', celebratin'
The crowd is looking like a waving ocean
Now the beginning of world emotion
The stage is trembling, the vibes are okay
Time for the show, let the music play
Music, I can't get enough
So let me feel your love

*Let me feel the lover of my lifetime
All that I am dreamin' of
Stay with me and show me all your secrets
All that I am dreamin' of
I cannot live, cannot live without your love
I'm flying high and I cannot get enough
Let me feel your love
Let me feel your love

Another night, another place
I feel the rhythm, I feel the bass
Dancing, singing, my world is a stage
I feel like a lion living in this cage
Have to keep on everywhere
Music's so hot so they don't care
They don't care about... and don't care about lies
Care about friends, no compromise
I send you love, we got no doubt, doubt...
That's about about...
Ready for the show let the music play

It's a party... let me feel your love

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