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Punk's Not Dead Letra

The Exploited


Punk's Not Dead (Letra/Lyrics)

Said so near the punk is dead
Here was you a modern tend.(of tendention)
Don't let it losing don't any worse
and all cruise up tha the punk is dead

Punk's not dead i know [x4]

We're all punks and we don't care
That was price to dye our hair
Blow the trapist in your face
with about tone of noise

[Refrain x2]

It across to any law
have no fear till the day i die
We all here use just to walk around
Don't like? i'll hitchu to the ground

[Refrain x2]

Datos de Punk's Not Dead

PUNK'S NOT DEAD es una canción de The Exploited del año 1981, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Punks Not Dead. Agradecemos a ©®øsby (léø..émø)MCR por haber sudido la letra de Punk's Not Dead.