The Exploited

Letra de la canción

Believe In Anarchy let's see you pogo!

I'm not ashamed of being a Punk
and i don't care and don't give a damn
and i don't care what you say
cause i believe in anarchy

I I I I I'm not afraid
and I I I I I'm not ashamed
cause I stil believe in anarchy

Go to a pub and pick up a byrd
you take her back for the casual f***
you drive her home in your old mans car
but you have to go duchess cause you've got no doms


I'm not afraid of having a Fight
and i'm not ashamed about getting drunk
and i don't care what you say cause
I believe in Anarchy
fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: CROSBY (lEo) (#50)

The Exploited
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