Letra de la canción

Weeks seem longer without the comfort of you
(Comfort of you)
And I don't wanna sound vulnerable
But you know that I miss you

It seemed easier September as for now
The cold that's locked in our heads
Is held in with the loneliness
The loneliness

This last incision has left me weak
(And left you strong)
And now my guts fall to the floor

(And only to gasp) to get enough air
(To open my eyes) open my eyes
(And see how happy you are) how happy you are
And tell yourself it's better not to show
Cuz this time we fall
It's better not to say
(It's better off this way
It's better not to say)
She said...


(We always say)
You look so much better with your eyes closed
(God damn you're so unpredictable)
I wish I was so unpredictable

(We always say)
You look so much better with your eyes closed anyways
(Yeah, sleeping something like that)
And I'll keep my eyes closed
For the colder half of these months
(No I won't let go this time)
With everything I've held onto
(It seemed like you) won't blame this on yourself
fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: vane/182 (#154)

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