King Diamond


18 was yesterday today she was
A woman in every single way
Abigail was walking in the forest where
The darkness, it seems to be alive

It was hours ago that she left her home
The chapel in which Black Horsemen saved and raised her soul
And now in the darkest night a storm was born
And Abigail, she did not know...she was its prey

Solo: Andy

In the storm itself a monster came alive
Chasing Abigail, lightning from the sky

Ah...then her face turned white
Never did she see the EYE that cried
Raindrops on her head, weeping for the dead, rain...rain...
Turning red

Oh no...Let me go back to my home...Oh no...

Solo: Mike

God he looked away the night the storm it came
And Abigail was drawn into the rain

Rain...was pulling on her hair
To where there is a mansion...THE LAIR
Lurking in the dark when lightning struck again
The mansion showed silhouette

Solo: Mike

Ah...rusty iron gates
This is where the Little One she waits
Raindrops on her head, weeping for the dead, rain...rain...rain
Turning red

Oh no... Let me go back to my home...Oh no... Oh...
Seeing the Little One...knowing that she was a ghost...
Abigail wondering why she was
Mummified...a lantern in her hand
And in the light she saw a name:
Count de La Fey

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