A Broken Frame - The Sun And The Rainfall

The Sun And The Rainfall Letra

Depeche Mode


The Sun And The Rainfall (Letra/Lyrics)

Someone will call
Something will fall
And smash on the floor
Without reading the text
Know what comes next
Seen it before
And it's painful

Things must change
We must rearrange them
Or we'll have to estrange them
All that I'm saying
The games that we're playing
Over and over again

You're the one I like best
You retain my interest
You're the only one
If it wasn't for you
Don't know what I'd do
Unpredictable like the sun
And the rainfall.

Datos de esta canción

THE SUN AND THE RAINFALL es una canción de Depeche Mode que se estrenó el , este tema está incluido dentro del disco A Broken Frame.