Our Lady Peace

Letra de la canción

She builds her own satellite from an old rusted chair. She leaves this old world behind and the things that's she cares.
Maybe she's gone, but it won't be for long, what do I know? Maybe she's found what we all dream about, what do I know?(oh)
She beautiful and wonderful. I can't compare. It's not that fair.
She builds a strong alibi from the future that's here. She needs to know I'm alive and that I'm flesh and I tear. Maybe she's wrong, but I want my, my own.What do I know. Breasts of silicone,with a touch of her soul.(oh) She's beautiful and wonderful, and I can't comapare. (ohhhh) It's not that fair.(ohhh)Oh they're, oh they're malicious lies, they're.(do, do)

Our Lady Peace
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