Disco 'The Fury of The Aquabats!' (1997) al que pertenece la canción 'Theme Song!'

Theme Song!

The Aquabats


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We came from an island
in the sand and the sun
hidden away from the world
is that home of fun
we surfed all day
and ate food all night
when there was no more food
eating sand was alright
But then one dark day out of the sky
space monsters and their friends
invaded our world
we had to escape
but we vowed to return again
first we'd conquer the world
then we could return again
We floated across the ocean
in a hollowed out log
from the blue beaches
to the land of smog
we washed up on the beach
the professor took us in
and that's when the experiments begin
he gave us super powers from chemicals
he gave us instruments so we could rock and roll
Now we're here to fight
to make our foes our friends
to take your money and go home again
Come fight along
we're the aquabats
the super super guys
we're the aquabats
join our journey to battle our foes
watch us every week
on our tv show
the wacky wacky world
of the aquabats
we're zippy zippy dudes
we're the aquabats
we're the aquabats
and that's that
so watch us every week
we're the aquabats!
-a tribute by ~*aquajon*~

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