Dusty Springfield

Letra de la canción

Usin? the phone booth/makin? a few calls
Doodlin? weird things/usin? the booth walls (yeah!)
Got me a big date/waitin? for my chap
A-puttin? his fine on/so he can look dap
I enjoy procrastinatin? 'cause I'm busy while I'm waitin?
Doodlin? away/yeah!

Sittin? and dinin? dinner beginin?
Started refinin? usin' the linen
Talkin' to my man/doodlin? my bit
Waiter got salty/told me to please quit
Told the waiter, �don't be dizzy/'cause you see I'm very busy
Doodlin? away? oh yeah!

Those weird designs
They only show what's goin? on in weirdy minds
�cause when you doodle then your noodle's flyin? high
Everything rushes by might just be a thought
That you caught while coppin? a wink
Doodlin? takes you beyond what you think
And then you draw what you think, yeah!

Later the waiter/had me arrested
Took me to belleview/where I was tested
Had me a doctor/bought him a noodle
Boy he was handsome/taught him to doodle
Showed him hidden thoughts that linger/find an outlet through your
Doodle away!/oh yeah yeah!

Doctor was real nice/told me to be cool
Looked at the waiter/called him a real fool (yes he did)
Looked at my baby/told him to feel free
Got him to doodlin? so he could bug me
When he put his arms around me/quite to his surprise he found me
Doodlin? away/yeah

Oh let's doodle baby yeah
A-doodle to the left now
Doodle a little to the right yeah
Alright, doodle to the right, left, right, left
Doodle away! doodlin? takes you beyond what you think...

Letra añadida por: CROSBY (lEo) (#58)

Dusty Springfield
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