Terra - Ara

en inglés

Obrint Pas


Ara (en inglés)

When anger is the one who guides my steps and
uncertainty rid hope seems to walk
demolished behind the days of struggle and asphalt.

When gray is the only color that draws and fills
immediate future is the panic, the smell of the pain
you seem to feel, feel what you think.

It can not be, how long we have to wait.
No, you can know more and it all depends on yourself.

When the rain transformed landscapes and dark
shrouding your eyes seem seas
be lost to the limits we've come.

And when you run and scream to the wind and tears
stars is filled with cold rage, hatred and
the sadness you feel so
sometimes rebellious ...

It can not be ...

Datos de esta canción

ARA es una canción de Obrint Pas del año 2002, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Terra. Agradecemos a xonyalmenar por haber sudido la letra de Ara.