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They Still Gafflin
Damn, MC Eihts back in the mutherfuckin house.
Last year we came with the one times gaffled em up. why'knowutumsayin\"
Now the whole mutherfuckin world know.

They still gaffling, this young black nigga.
So why in the fuck should I sleep when they creep
as I roll through the streets I see another raided house and
that's why the Eiht'll be out in 5000.
And the fools won't give a chance to explain.
If you're from Compton, you either sell dope or gangbang.
Yo those fools on my dick still trying to jack me.
I guess because I sport a hat and the khaki's.
And if my cars on hit then I'm a roller,
Bust a you, hit the sirens and pull me over.
Run a make on my plates, fool they legit.
Another day for this punk ass bullshit.
I was lucky, I threw the blunt in my sock.
The first thing they say, who's got the gat who's got the rocks?
I said please officer, I'm a rap singer.
Boy you from Compton you gots to be a banger.
where's your hood, what's your set, throw up your gang sign.
I takes my hands off the hood and says I ain't got time.
He's says park it fool times is wasting.
I said fuck you, black leather glove slapped my face then
I was pissed, it was rough, my hands was cuffed.
If I told them they stink they'd throw my ass in the clink.
So it was back to the curb and I sat.
All that time, fools didn't even find my strap.
But every day its the same shit happening, yo.
Watch your back one times still gaffling, geah.

Geah, now they still on my dick.
Still all wrastling, gaffling and shit.
can't take no more off this one time shit. why'knowutumsayin?
I'm ready to peel a mutherfuckers cap, why'knowutumsayin?
Check this out.

Off to the kick it spot to make an end.
Early in the morning so my day can begin.
I seen the fool that tried to double cross me.
I beat the punk down smooth cause I'm the boss, E.
2 niggas rolling, in hats, inside a cadillac.
We start to blaze up the mutherfucking 20 sack.
We rolled the windows up to get that contact.
One times seen the smoke they pulled a smooth jack.
On top of that I was bumping big noise.
It was the fucking CHP boys.
I didn't like those punk fools one bit.
Cause they be popping that KKK shit.
So I kick back and played with the routine.
and told the grand dragon I was 17.
Tell the police the truth then how the fuck that sound?
Cause if I told him the truth then I'd be county bound.
So I play with the routine, comma.
While he say, hand over the marijuana.
I said officer, you must be joking,
that was a cigarette I was smoking.
So I sat with my but to the ground.
And kept on thinking would the fool beat me down?
They didn't find the gatt, it was a miracle.
But they still toed my mutherfucking vehicle.
I might as well have packed a strap and.
Get rid of all these one times gafflin.

Geah, I'd like to send this out to all the mutherfucking homies
that be getting there asses kicked by the one times, why'knowutumsayin?
And all my mutherfucking homeboys
that's in jail locked up over this punk ass shit.
The one times be gaffling why'knowutumsayin?
But they can't keep a brother like the MC Eiht down.
Me and my DJ Mike T is like out 5000.

Compton's Most Wanted



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