Hollywood de Flavor Flav

Wonder Why Letra

Flavor Flav


'Wonder Why'

Yessir, mo' Flav
"Show 'em that we can do this!"

[Chorus: Flavor Flav]
(I wonder why, we don't ever hear from Flav no more)
Cause they all want Flavor, they all want Flavor
They got no Flavor
Cause they all want Flavor, they all need Flavor
They got no Flavor
Cause they all want Flavor, they all need Flavor
They got no Flavor

[Flavor Flav]
You wonder why you never hear from Flav
Mannnn, it's like city cops they don't behave
Now they'd rather see me locked as if the world I'm tryin to save
But I ain't Captain Save-A-Ho (what they call me Flavor fo')
I was just like chicken, hot damn who's lickin?
Like I'm some type of meal here, thought that you was real here
Eat at my expenses, would you please comprehend this
Get nathan, nad now, be like Total Recall
'Bout six altogether if I can recall
But you still wanna eat off FLAAAAAV
Like this {?} vacation way
But that's not what the sign here SAYYYYYYY
In the try pick 6 it take 5 today
If you got it {nigga} sell some hay
But stay the {fuck} out my way
Cause these {niggaz} in the Boogie don't play
They chop raw and the neck losses fakers from the machete
I got the wire stay the {fuck} out my way
Cause nobody wants casual-tays, from this pistol spray
And I ain't tryin to lose another today
So I say... so I say... yeah

[Chorus] with ad libs

[Flavor Flav]
Man this world is a cold one, the game she's an old one
Far too advanced, black widow run dance
By chance, have you seen her, strung-out Maria
On one-six-third and Sherman, go see her
Used to be quite the hustler, big timer muscler
Up in the park on one-six-one
Now the work she moves still, down down downhill
But she wreak of the sickness and her man won't fix this
Ammonia in the needle, left her slumpin fetal
It was all for the come-up, she was found next sun up
by me, {fucked} your boy up, for her we'll keep the noise up
Forever life the joys of - FLAAAAAV
Don't know why {motherfuckers} wanna flirt with Death
Cause when he catch up {fuck} your sould found for dead on the steps
We'll be new shoe shoppin, pine box droppin
Convoy through the red lights, with the headlights
Man I hope your head right, hope you made your bed right
{Niggaz} never get the point until they see the light
From the four pound ratchet, bearface, yellow jacket
It's goin all out to Bronx House and Cak-a-saki
Double stuck ex two blues and H 2
Oh no dough Jakes know your facial
Six bodies pendin and they all biracial
You'll probably catch 6 more before they detonate you
The same judge hate me hate you
Yeah when I pee pee, shake out my teepee
America's Most, no toastin, I'm on TV
So fall back easy, cause y'all so sleazy

[Chorus] with ad libs