Public Enemy

Letra de la canción

Ya took me from a place
Where the race didn't matter
And gathered up bodies
Without a choice
So I rather
Pass my opinion/back
Run ya over
With my rack an pinion
Never stop the engine
For watcha fathers did do the Indian
North and south
Plus the Caribbean

I got a vendetta
Cause I know better
Better black than a stereotype white
No cash flow with out work
Talkin' bout the past
You busted our past
You busted our ass
Now you afraid 'cause I never got paid
Now sucka jump
You can't take whatcha want

You can't take whatcha want
Cause ya took whatcha want
Can't get away 'cause we got it on tape
You can't take whatcha want
Cause ya took whatcha want
Thin line between law and rape (scream)

You can't take whatcha want
Don't cha know
We ain't got nothin' left
Cause you took the rest
We ain't got jazz rock and roll
Rappin' the lose
With a few fat ladies left singin' da blues
Go abracadabra to make
A wish I can mess wit
Wonder why I'm under
Neath a crew I can't get wit
I never knew land was an acquisition
BS from the best man in position
Come again with dat shit
And set hit like a punk
No, you can't take whatcha want

[Chorus: x2]

You can't take whatcha want
I open up the trunk
I see your phony ass
Try to counterfeit funk
From land to land

To sea to sea
Allover got the other man
Messin' with me
Took the motherland
Made a slave of my mother and man
Got a good man
Sayin' goddamn

And to hell with
Back in the days
Unless we go way back
To the black ways
Watch your back
If ya crooked don't front
You can't take whatcha want

[Chorus: x2]

We died on the line
We walk the fine line he talked a good line

Public Enemy
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