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This isn't what the governmeantbread(david gates)sure gets funny thinkin' 'bout moneymakin' my daily bread,the more you make, the more they takeyou never seem to get ahead,you break your backs just to pay your taxthen you don't like the way that it's spent,somewhere back we jumped the trackthis isn't what the my now i've made a hundred thoubut i ain't saved a dime,the irs came out best they got my money every time,it caín't be fair when the millionairenever has to give them a cent,sad to say we've lost the waythis isn't what the governmeant ...then the war , don't know what forsomebody said it had to be fought,i'se sposed to go but i said no'cause i'se afraid i might get shot,but here i am on my hands and kneesscrubbin' in my dungarees i got burned but i finally learnedthis isn't what the governmeant


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