Disco 'Signs of the Decline' (1992) al que pertenece la canción 'Mortify Their Flesh'

Mortify Their Flesh



(Lyrics : Greg Conan / Chris Palengat)
Excorcize them from evil
They¹re possessed by the devil
Mortify their flesh, save their souls
They must atone for their faults, what is written must be told
Deliver these hereticts, from a life of sin
Court is in session, shall we begin
Save them from eternal damnation
Purify them for the resurrection
They¹ve yielded to the tempation of the snake
These evil doers must be burnt at the stake
They¹re under the influence of a fallen angel
Cast him out for god¹s sake
Mortify their flesh, save their soul¹s
Brand them with an iron, until they beg their pardon
Stigmatize their bodies, until they cry for mercy
Torment them forever, in the name of god
Mortify their flesh, pray for their souls
Crush every bone, until all is told
Mortify their flesh, god rest their soul
Spill their blood to gain control
The flesh is weak, and the spirit too
I reign supreme, over millions like you
In the name, and the glory of god
Your serve unto me, drink from my cup

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