Mucky Pup

Letra de la canción

I want what he's got
yeah, i want it
but he knows it
rehearsed coversations
just to see each others faces
the things i want from her
are the things i got from you
nervous handshakes
and missed kisses
just left of
left of the lips
he's smiling
cause he knows
he knows i'm leaving this evening
she's always looked great
but tasted better
tonight she wore
the same bra she wore then
i saw it slip
slip out of alignment
with the shoulder strap of her shirt
did she unconsciously let it fall?
to make me remember?
or did she consciously let me see
knowing it would bring me
to my knees?
why do you kiss
so good she asked
asked me to stop
stop for a moment
it's the kiss
that songs are written
written about...


Mucky Pup
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