Too Many Secrets del álbum 'Who Is, This Is?'

Too Many Secrets

Voodoo Glow Skulls

'Too Many Secrets' se estrenó en 1994. Este tema está incluido dentro del disco Who Is, This Is?

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Too Many Secrets

Well, you told me not to tell them. Because I'm not supposed to know. The
Minute people find the stories will never end. Facts given to me can be used
Like a weapon. No matter how old you get the secrets never die. I don't care
What she did twenty years ago. Tell me if it soothes your conscience.
Normal people, leading normal lives. Leave their secrets locked in a closet.
They never die! What ever happened to honesty. People make believe that
They're something. That they want to be. That's where the secrets begin and
End. I guess there is no meaning to the word friend. TOO MANY SECRETS

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