Country Phuck del álbum 'Who Is, This Is?'

Country Phuck

Voodoo Glow Skulls

'Country Phuck' se estrenó en 1994. Este canción está incluida en el disco 'Who Is, This Is?'

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Country Phuck

All the other famers want a hair do just like me. They blame my mom who used
To roadie for MDC. And when I go to the hooten-nanny. Everyone wants to dance
With me. They want to lick my boots and sit on my studs.
Peel them taters, you suck! Peel them taters, you Country Phuck! They'll all
Be listening to hardcore. When they be milking them cows. And when the sun
Comes up they start to slam. Here comes Uncle Jessie with a shit eating grin.
I wonder what he's doing in the sheeps pen. Your sister's your wife, you suck!
Your sister's your wife, you Country Phuck!

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