Wife And Kid del álbum 'Who Is, This Is?'

Wife And Kid

Voodoo Glow Skulls

'Wife And Kid' se estrenó en 1994. Este canción está incluida en el disco 'Who Is, This Is?'

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Wife And Kid

Sitting at home in front of a TV. Wasting his dreams he's only seventeen.
Like a child in a grown up world. Tomorrow's Monday and he has to go to work.
All of his friends they stay out late. But wife is home he can't be late.
Another step into the middle age. He feels irate what a shame. Sometimes I
Wonder how he got there. In the first place, sometimes I wonder. What he must
Be feeling now. Sometimes I wonder. The party is over. He can't be what he
Wants to be. Growing up before his time. His time is now. He wants to party
But he has a Wife & Kid. I bet he wishes that he never did. Wife & Kid he's
Too young for a ball & chain. Wife & Kid he'll never be seventeen again.

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