'Long Gone Missin'' de Trey Songz

Long Gone Missin'

Trey Songz

'Long Gone Missin'' se estrenó el . Esta canción está incluida dentro del disco Trey Day.


the prince is back
May day, Trey Day

(Bei Maeijor)

So here we go with this agian
running at them lips again
yelling in my ear
shit, all I hear is whisperin
no matter what it is
she always start ta bitchin n
trippin n
I almost started to call that girl a bitch again
So I blaze out the house
In a rage out the house
Shorty got a sharpe tongue
She spittin blades out her mouth
I throw my stunners on
I chop blades out the house
she get to growlin and I'm out
It's like a chage in the house

Phone on silent
and I'm wildin cuz I'm out
Five shot of Henny in
Man I'm makin plenty friends black white domincain
Back right
I break It in

I been drinkin
Tryna get my mind up off all this yellin and all this screamin
but all that it is doin is takin me far from your lovin
got this girl in my ear
tellin me what I dont need to hear
I sippin what I'm sippin
and she bout to catch me slippin

long gone missin long missin
off in this club with all these women
this one said she wanna give me the most
you gotta tail but girl I gotta go home

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