Strapping Young Lad

'Cod Metal King' se estrenó el . Esta canción está incluida dentro del disco Heavy as a Really Heavy Thing.


bleeding hearts will never stop
what bleeding lips will start, i'll make your mother
take your friends, and take your hands,

and ride the feeding cart...

your little dreams are nothing now
your dreams are nothing to me, i'll make another
piece from all the crap around and keep the best for me.

i seem never to get the message through
that shit should mean something to you,
i tell you brother, it's easy to hold the imaging

of the cod metal king

falling, we're falling... back at beginnings
don't mean a thing when you come to the cod metal king

you can't deny the power of the millions who are weak,
they never bother to take a look,
at what it takes, to get us through the sheep

3 am
i drive alone
i drive where no one will follow me
i keep it low
inside my coat,
i keep it there for me
and i can't believe

we've passed the point,
i can't believe we're through, i take another,
look around
and track it down
and disease was right in you