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(Eternal Night)
Profit to surpass our past,
who was or not to your side,
I go by you,
hare what your you want,
they see relajate tonight,
sides as the pleasure does not hope

Not hey where to escape here we are,
in this sofa where we chatted,
and both we know in that we walked,
the words have been spent,
let us look for of another form our lips

to begin to play,
I promise that hare slowly,
your say me what want I you have
in the act baby,
to unite to us in a single body
to arrive to us until good inside to explode
saw you to the eyes baby who poem…

since sucedio this madness,
it is not possible to be spoken not of an adventure
like I do not think I darte truces
it is that to my I forget decirte tonight to me that
she was eternal


sides like in my arms sera tonight eternal ahh
we will declare but but first habra a war ahh
the door passes ahead baby this opened ahhh
ahy but single mask does not give your…


Letra añadida por: xAb_fan_100%britney! (#1.246)

Somos tú y yo
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