Harem Scarem

Letra de la canción

Welcome to the real world
Nobody's gonna show you around
I put up my defenses
To only have you knock 'em down
So the only one I trusted
Chewed me up and spit me out

Was it the moon or the tides
Changing your ways
And now your mind

Say you don't
Then you do
Say you love me
Oh girl, you're killing me
Say you don't
Then you do
Say you love me
Although you're killing me
Life is pain and pleasure
Now I've had my share of everything
Gotta keep a better state of mind
And hope for what tomorrow brings
And so you think that you're an angel
Well then the devil must be growing wing

Letra añadida por: Duarttuk (#41.589)

Harem Scarem
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