Letra de la canción

I am what you crave,
When others turn their back,
In your darkest moment of shame,
With the hate you seem to lack
The hate that you lack
I’ll take your to a world where hate
And contempt dwell,
I’m conjuring the spells that
Pours my hate into your heart

[solo – Suecof]

[solo – Mongrain]

[solo – Suecof]

[solo - Mongrain]

Come to me for your salvation,
I will feed on your resentment,
Making you a willing slave, to this hatred
Icon of malice.
You’ll see my way or shed your blood,
Either way my hate has won
Pull back the vail to see my face,
To your surprise it’s your own
fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: creed_one (#900)

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