The Cheetah Girls

'Do No Wrong' se estrenó el . Esta canción está incluida dentro del disco TCG.


my baby's fresh and he can do no wrong

he tells me im the best and tells the haters be gone
if you don't already know let me put you on
my baby's so fresh and he can do no wrong

there ain't no dought about it my baby can do no wrong
they think im mad about it i'm not i just play along
say what you want to i'm convinced that he can do no wrong

lookin' at us everywhere we go
people starin' like can they roll
how we do it they just dont know
i can tell they'll never get it
lookin at him he's so scincere
whisper nuthins up in my ear
they tell me leave him but i don't care
my baby can do no wrong

tell the operator there's a propblem
they say my baby's lying i ain't caught hi
cause nothing in this world could
nothing that i heard should
change the way i feel becouse i got him

people they talk becouse their jealous of how tight we are
they see us everywhere we ride a round in fancy cars
say what u want to cause i dont believe em'
cause sometimes love dont have a rhyme or reason
i know they think its madness and they think that i should leave
cause every time i see his smile he puts my heart at ease
so when they try to give advice and tell me what to do
just keep on talkin now that i ain't evn hearing you


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