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The way to school is too far
but the amusement hall
is right around the corner
and mothers hidden cookie jar
is enough for this
But they won't let you in
cause you'r not old enough to have an I.D.
so should you rather by dope
or have a drink ?
You chose the first possibility
and you are in time
on the school yard
where you can deal your commodities
After the first school break
you're sold out
Now, stoned and tired you want to go home
#and count your money
Social Failure - you're 13
The teacher was watching you too close
decided to call the police
Now you're busted
on the way to the station
totally stoned and paralyzed
By interregation you demand the fifth
and for the revenge
you pissed all over the station
because you're only 13
Now they bring you home
and your mother doesn't know
what to do with you
then they send you to a social worker
who doesn't have a clue.
Both of them are trying
to tell you what to do
and threaten to put you in a fester home
And after four hours of discussions
you promise you'll change.
Social Failure - you're 13

Letra añadida por: vane/182 (#146)

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