Bing Crosby With Jimmy Dorsey

Letra de la canción

Too marvelous for words- words by johnny mercer, music by richard a. whiting- as recorded march 3, 1937 by bing crosby with the jimmy dorsey orchestra.i search for phrasesto sing your praisesbut there aren't any magic adjectivesto tell you all you are!you're just too marveloustoo marvelous for wordslike glorious, glamourousand that old standby, amorousit's all too wonderfuli'll never find the wordsthat say enough, tell enoughi mean, they just aren't swell enoughyou're much too muchand just too very, veryto ever be in webster's dictionaryand so i'm borrowinga love song from the birdsto tell you that you're marveloustoo marvelous for words


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