Speed Of Dark del álbum 'Ruiner'

Speed Of Dark

A Wilhelm Scream

La canción 'Speed Of Dark' se estrenó en 2005. Este tema está incluido dentro del disco Ruiner

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The body's singing without speaking.
You bit your brass ring off like a monster,
wouldn't leave you alone.
You skinned the bastard to his bones in case you got cold.

Normally sent with a dream,
I had to laugh when I woke to the sound of the gun.
That was the best nightmare that I just woke up from.
Normally sent with a heart attack,
all your attempts were canonized.
Blessed with a wreck of a heart of lead,
I broke my back to spite my spine.

Delightful ring around your neck, you fool them all.
Don't I feel so goddamn worthless.
I'll bet that took all of your last nerve,
but you're used to this.
it's not plugged in, but the phone is ringing.

Time's up for devouring, your appeal's waning.
You want to right the wrongs,
but you chewed up everyone that you spit on.
Sometimes halcyon weeks make me believe
I should be relieved enough.
You were the best nightmare that I just woke up from.

The last night that I waited on
(You'll lose your sleep in time)
Your mind knows what your body wants
(You'll lose your step in time)
You move so fast sometimes.
I fell so far behind.
You'll lose your step in time.

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