Linda Ronstadt

Letra de la canción

People Say I'm the laugh of the party cause I tell a joke or two
I know I'm not be laughin loud and hardy deep inside I'm blue

So take a good look at my face you know my smile looks out of place if you look closer it's easy to trace the tracks of my tears

I need you(need you)
Need you( need you)

Since you left me if you see me with another guy lookin like I'm havin fun, I only thought he's cute, he's just a substitute, because you're the permament one.


(OUTSIDE) I'm masqueraden
(INSIDE) My hearts breakin

(I'M JUST A SAD) Since you put me down

My smile is part make-up I wear since my break-up with you.

Baby, Chorus

Whoa baby, Chorus.

Linda Ronstadt
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