Letra de la canción

Borrow my imagination for a little while. how can i comfort you? you say you like it this way. night or day - it's the same to you.
until that day i plant mercury globeflowers in my garden and until that night your beams make the flowers explode and spread your seeds.
comfort? yeah like putting plasters on a limb consumed by leprosy. comfort? yeah like sticking the head in the sand.
i conjured a miserable creature for you. a restless moonling always on the move. it founded its own nomadic state - translunaria.
the moonling can never be seen from earth.
braiding moonbeams.
how can i comfort you? you like it this way, don't you? slowly revolving a white horizon round your axis.
your magnetism is so week, you can hardly keep the ivory tower i conjured for you.
how can i...? you say you don't want it. you say you don't need it. how can i...? you don't care at all, do you?


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