Letra de la canción

Three and a half millenniums went by
On the world once called Dune
Engineering improved, the land fertilised,
The face of the planet has changed

The folk, once so proud, reduced to exhibits
The base of their glory disappeared
One last relic, from water protected
The desert Sareer, home of the son

Monarch and patriarch, to gather mankind
Controller of religion, defender of truth
For awareness to mature, willing to pay the price

He brings salvation, absolutely dominating
Saving humanity from fatal blindness
Three thousand years of peace to secure their survival

Since his father's death he's carried the burden
The symbiosis with Shai-hulud changed his flesh
The mahdi hesitated, he made the final step
A step beyond humanity, the alam al-mithal

No wormsigns anymore, he keeps the bud of life
Rigid his law, lead them through the dark
Knowing his weakness, the prescient inner eye
Waiting for the coming, unseen generations

God emperor, the Diaspora to come
fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: Duarttuk (#41.589)

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