Letra de la canción

Laying in fields of beauty
Watching skies movement
Escape from visions of purity
An obsolete requiem of decay

All our fragile love, so luscious and snug
So narcotic an false, a tragic abuse of trust
Harmonize this bleeding desire with sweet agonies tears
Perpetual sensuality in a denaturalised variety

Heinously breeding passion
For a so lethargic life
Is this what I boast?
An overture of hate!

A deceiving shade
Of my final arising
Expendable satisfaction
Is that what I have to esteem?

Silent articulation
So speechless these disruptions
Fascinated by this broken heartbeat
Mystify my cold obscuration

For my vigorous elusion
Reality is what I'll rule
Obnoxious eloquence of weakness
I'm the lord of virtuality

Devine sunrise elegicates
So as I will wait at the gates of eternity
Longing for my favourite darkness
Breaking the chains of convention

Letra añadida por: Duarttuk (#41.589)

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