Sorry Stanger Letra



Sorry Stanger (Letra/Lyrics)

If I scream loud and up to the hills
Will you come down in hopes that somehow I'll save the day
You're wishing summer skies would fadeout
You live your life like a black cloud
You're wishing someone could see the rain
But they could never really feel your pain

We're just here to have a good time, let it all out
But you're tripping on a bad line and does that make it right?

Oh you miss the fall and it's a matter of fact
How I gave you pins and needles down the back of your neck
And the nights we'd talk for hours are a thing of the past
It's not the end of the world, it's not my fault that it turns
Around and around again, so why don't you just give in

Reconstruct all the pieces you left on the ground
I'll still wait for the day and its coming now

Datos de esta canción

SORRY STANGER es una canción de Sydney. Agradecemos a vane/182 por haber sudido la letra de Sorry Stanger.