In Dreams We Believe Letra



In Dreams We Believe (Letra/Lyrics)

The wrong direction I'm misplaced, where no one knows my name
I'll walk straight in circles, searching for the perfect exit
Don't lead me back down the second wrong turn in my life
"Cause I've seen it all before, and I can't let it happen again", she said

If I was trailing would you wait for me?
I would stop with all the letters and have the decency
To arrive with something better yeah, I know it hurts,
But can you think of any better since the time we lost our ways?
And if you stop to think then you would know how much I really loved you
But now all I want is to cut you out of pictures of me and you, of you and me
And all the times we called good memories
(I know I could do better this time, always this time)
You and I, you and I
I'll write in cursive, you don't even know my name but

But inside your head, the idea escapes you
Where everything is so surreal right now
You're the one I used to always run to
Now the one I'd rather see sit on their own

And I can't be here forever holding your hand like I used to
Like I used to

And I'm so sorry that you can't take anything, what you get from me [x2]

It's all I have to give to you, to you
Cause if I make it through this night, I just pray you feel this pain
Cause if I make it through this night, I hope we never speak again
And if we make it through this night, I know we'll never be the same

Save me once more leave me dying [x5]
Hate me once more leave me lying

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IN DREAMS WE BELIEVE es una canción de Sydney. Agradecemos a vane/182 por haber sudido la letra de In Dreams We Believe.