Letra de la canción

Well, you've got the gangsta rappers cruising in their low riders
They're kitted out by the very best designers
Got all the booty women and they're tripping with ice
A car turns the corner and they gotta look twice

Boy bands practicing their dance moves
They're looking so smooth
They're looking so cool
They have a stylist to tell them what to do and say
What to sing and play
They'll be broken up soon anyway

Some suck
Some rock
Tough shit
You've made your bed now you'll lie in it

Well you've got your drug squad singing about taking up and tweaking
The only problem, they practice what they're preaching
They wrote a killer tune
Hit the big time real soon
Till they find the singer dead in a hotel room

Nu-metal kiddie acting so tough
No one else is good enough
Grew up on the streets rough
When in reality went to a private school
Never broke a single rule
He's acting bad so he looks cool

It's just the price they have to pay

Every now and then there's a person like Bob Marley
Someone that you wanna see
Wish he was still around today
For me that's Sublime and Bradley
Think it's such a same that
I'll never see that man play

Ska punk's just a big joke
Just upsets folk
Gets stuck in their throat
Well if ska punk's just a big joke
Just upsets folk
Well that's the price we wanna pay

Letra añadida por: vane/182 (#154)

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