Visions of Atlantis

Letra de la canción

Your rigid eyes stare into gloom,
I'm pouring out my grief to you...
Should I escape?
Nothing but silence where I stand,
Just a slight light at the end to pretend
I could escape.

White walls coming closer and closer,
Absorb my words without response.

I am your guide out of the dark
At the back of beyond
I hear your cries although they’re gone
Through the night, out of the dawn
At the back of beyond
I am by your side but you are still alone.

Strain to scream my heart to you,
From my lips no sound escapes,
Just light from the moon...a twilight cry...
Trying to pick the better side
Stay in darkness, chase the light
Am I wrong, or am I right.

Painful sun is touching your face
A single ray may recall you to life.

Letra añadida por: DNA-GothicSymphonic

Visions of Atlantis
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