Visions of Atlantis

Letra de la canción

Glimmer in the night relight the emptiness
Too bright to hide my inner mess
I take what I deserve
I have nothing more to lose
This is my rebirth I search for you

My heart is pulsating, like it never was before.
I breath in so deeply... arouse the wick in me.

Leave my crowded chest, soar up into the air.
Never come to rest until you find the one who cares.
Wingshaped heart awake, wherever you may sleep.
Hidden in my dreams, lose my tongue and let me scream.

Roar out my lungs and my soul
I’m back to life and I
Will never fall again
I keep my head up high

Out of my chest into the air
No time to rest, I am aware
Of what to do and how to take
An endless ride without a break

Letra añadida por: DNA-GothicSymphonic

Visions of Atlantis
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