The Birthday Massacre

Letra de la canción

Make you up. Take you out. Play it up to bring you down.
Take the time to make this last.
Spin the wheel. Watch it crash. Turn the dress to broken
glass. Strike a pose and hold
the flash.

I'm not the only one who's bleeding before the past is
done repeating.
Gets underneath my skin. It won't die. This time. If i
can't win. Then i won't to carry on.
I'll play it satirical. Tonight won't be so long. I'll
pray for a miracle.

Wake you up. Pull you out. Talk you up to calm you down.
Turn it up and scream and shout.
Make you tired. Wear you out. Shut you up and turn you off.
Clean you up and take you home.

Letra añadida por: CoNDeSa LoBeSTeiN

The Birthday Massacre

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