Arturo Arredondo

Letra de la canción

If human being could
he/she could make it well
perhaps if you loved me
all serious one well

He/she would call me marbles
he/she would make a good paper
perhaps if you loved me
it would leave this clock

Let us look for to the forgetfulness
because I already found it
and they say the married ones
marbles will conquer

Marbles will be
but not you that to be
and if you found that
our well

The magician with their tricks
he/she gave me those of the knowledge
perhaps if you loved me
I could sell them

The kamikaze surrenders
they owe me ensangrar
if so alone he/she wanted
to your side you will return

Letra añadida por: ©®øsby (léø) (#58)

Arturo Arredondo
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