A... deadzone.
I’m in coma stage (stay),
My mind just stretched,
But not just fade.
I see the future through those eyes,
I see (nuke?) dead body,
Above my disguise.

Deadzone, I am control someone.
Deadzone, forever destination.
Deadzone, the future in my brain,
Deadzone, the fore coming tress my vein.

Will they wear (ware) tomorrow?
Will I wake up again?
Is it the right path I follow?
Or let’s make the sun enters the rain?

That’s the pride man say,
Time to change when bitterness is tasting sweet.
What I see is sad and grey,
This is my vision of mankind, say (climb?)

I’m in coma stage, paralyzed and thrust,
Still in coma stage, paralyzed and thrust.

I can see the people’s see
Though I’m blind, though I don’t wake.
Mankind’s fading scuff and (stone?)
I saw it once in the Deadzone.

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