Campfire Girls

Letra de la canción

two girls lay on a bed,
one is not more beautiful than the other,
can't recall just what they said,
i know it's something other than another,
coffee cups and cigarettes a quilt that does cover them,
grandmother, grandmother.

it's not my fault,
it's gone too far it's not my fault.

a heart of gold a grain of sand,
i have received all that you've sent this fall, in letters i don't understand,
the money's gone cause i have spent it all,
it all.

it's not my fault,
it's gone too far,
it's not my fault.

let me in, i'm your friend,
shake my hand shave my head.

a girl was laying on my bed,
she was beautiful but now she's gone,
she's gone, she's gone, she's gone.

Campfire Girls
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