Mucky Pup

Letra de la canción

There's two little men
who are fighting a war
they can't stop now
it's been ten years
maybe more
One is small and devious
with hurt on his mind
the other big and strong
with pride on his side
One plays dirty
he'll do anything to win
the other fends off attacks
again and again
The battlegrounds are scarred
torn to pieces
ripped to shreds
neither can claim victory
till the other one is dead
There's two little men
who are killing a boy
they're treating the boy
as if the boy were a toy
Each one has an ear
to have and to hold
their grip is too tight
their grip is so cold
Two little men - one big and one small
two little men - in the middle of a war
two little men - and i can't see you
two little men - i'm using a metaphor


Mucky Pup
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