Canción 'Baby Stay' del disco 'Shawn Desman' interpretada por Shawn Desman

Baby Stay Letra y Canción

Shawn Desman

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BABY STAY es una canción de Shawn Desman del año 2002, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Shawn Desman.


'Baby Stay'

Baby make up your mind, one day you love me
The next day you don't
Baby quit playing games, you seem to like it
But baby I don't

Oh! I can see exactly what you do to me
It's plain to see aaah
Never ever thought that I would lose my mind
I did this time


Baby stay, close to me
Say you'll be right there to love me a lifetime
Say you will, Say you will be mine
For all time and I promise you I'll love you forever
I'll be there ('til the end of time

Lady why can't you see
We fit together we're meant to be
Lady if you were mine I'd treat you gently
You're one of a kind


Cause I need you
Gotta, gotta have you
Cause I need you
Gotta, gotta have you
Oh yeah say I
Gotta, gotta have you