Letra de la canción

Lying low now - yeah, for a year or two
and i mean it - untill the week is through
just myself now - and the stains to be explained
phone and cancel - stay in and be a saint
but, a whistle - and i'm like a dog again ..
celebrating - yeah, it's great to stay up late
One kick in the head
i was asking for it
une frappe sur la tête
i've been begging for it
yeah, a slap in the face
yeah, famous last words
Every nightmare turns out to be the same
through the forest - i'm howling out my name
In my bedroom - the dogs won't catch the fox
i've got business - a bit more than i thought
but, i ain't talking - i don't know what it's about
i hold my hand out - yeah i'm such a naughty boy
One kick in ...
Everybody - should know about my curse
but, i say talking, will only make it worse
keep me quiet - whispers in my mouth
come and watch me! like cats around a mouse
i need a punchline - to bring the house down..
all my old ones - will make you cry n turn around
One kick in ...

fuente: musica.com

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